Law of Attraction

Lorna J.

Lorna J.

Last month we introduced you to Lorna J, one of the highest paid success coaches on the planet and shared her story of how she went from jobless to millionaire in less than a year. This month, we asked Lorna some questions about Law of Attraction and she shared some more golden nuggets of info exclusively for us.

After losing your job, husband, money and being diagnosed with several mental health issues, how did you go from that to millionaire in 10 months, what system did you follow?

 Had I followed a system, there would've been no way to do what I did! The whole point of what I teach is that your intuition is like a mega-super-system on steroids that is also divinely tailored to your blueprint—what I call your genius template—and how YOU are meant to make millions quickly. No system on the planet can replace your own genius template and deliver to you the amazing business ideas, marketing brilliance, market domination and positioning that catapults you to the top of your field in no time, the way your intuition can. Systems are for people don't have access to their intuitive framework.

2. How can we too learn to use our intuition and feel confident about acting on it?

At the risk of sounding sales-y and self-promotion-y, the best way is to take one of my programs! There is a lot of misinformation about what your intuition is and how it works. This is one of the things I discovered the hard way in trying to build my business. I read lots of books on intuition and even worked with and trained under one of the world's leading intuitive healers and psychics, but came away with a very patchwork and incomplete, and even in some cases inaccurate, understanding of what my intuition really was, how it sounds, how it speaks to me, and how to recognize it. 

This is actually one of the most common problems I find in my clients who come to me having done a lot of work with other mentors and other intuitive business-building programs. They do all of the work and apply all of the principles but don't get the results they want because their understanding of intuition is incomplete and inaccurate. 

I have a book that explains intuition as well as many other concepts that I cover in my work, so if you're not into taking one of my classes in my Gold Mind Academy, where I teach intuitive empire building, you can get my book. It's called “The Dark Secret,” by Lorna J and you can find it on Amazon! I've had people tell me it's the best book on spiritual development, self-help and manifestation that they have read and that it answers questions they had for years about how manifestation and intuition really works!

3. What is the law of attraction in your words?

The law of attraction is one of the laws that governs how energy works. Specifically, it governs how energy becomes matter – how a desire, for instance, becomes manifested in your physical experience. 

In a nutshell the law of attraction is this: all matter is coded with frequencies that exists in certain qualities. Those frequencies are magnetic to each other and call to each other. The law of attraction is the energetic law that governs the way in which these frequencies recognize each other and are drawn together. When your desire for a mansion equals the frequency of that mansion, you get the mansion. 

Many times, however, people are confused about the frequency of what they truly want and are in fact manifesting or trying to manifest what I call shadow desires. These are desires that are inherently coded with very low frequency, because the desire is based on shadow consciousness — the low frequency consciousness of fear, anxiety and struggle that governs almost all of our thoughts, behaviors, desires and choices until and unless we work at the level of our consciousness to change it. 

I'll give you an example. If you want a mansion because you will feel incomplete and worthless if you don't get one, that desire is coded with shadow consciousness, which does not represent or carry any codes of power and is therefore powerless to attract the mansion. If you don't realize your desire is coded with such low frequency energy, you can do all of the manifesting tricks and techniques that law of attraction teachers teach and you won't attract the mansion.  

This is one of the biggest issues that I see in the spiritual development world as to why even very advanced law of attraction practitioners who have studied with the top teachers in the world come to me to learn how to truly manifest on-demand, because they are not being taught the full picture.

4. How are your teachings different from traditional law of attraction methods?

 The main difference is that I work at the level of root cause energetics and all other law of attraction teachers, including all of the big names, work at the level of manifestation strategies and techniques. They don't understand the fullness and complexity of the energetic laws that govern manifestation and cannot therefore guide their students in manifesting on-demand in all situations. I know this because I've been told by people who have been in the spiritual and self-help industry for over 20 years and who studied with the leading manifestation teachers in the world that the teachings I provide fill in the gaps and holes of understanding they have been trying to fill in for 20 years!

I discovered this firsthand when I started working with a client who personally studied with Bob Proctor, considered the world's leading manifestation expert and who was featured in the book The Secret. She told me that when she had problems manifesting, he would simply tell her to hustle more and work harder and write out her affirmations and desires 100 times a day! 

That is not how you manifest on-demand and make magic in your life! But the reason he did this is because he was simply passing on information about manifestation that he had learned from other teachers who themselves had inaccurate and incomplete information and so on. He doesn't really understand the energetic laws that govern manifestation and therefore could not help his advanced students in their challenges...and my client was one of his advanced students. She had risen to the top of his inner circle in a very short amount of time and was making $50k months with him. 

But when she started to falter and went to him for advice about why, and what to do, since she was doing nothing different than what she had done to create the $50K months in the first place, that's when he told her she just needs to hustle and write out her affirmations hundreds of times. When I learned, this my jaw dropped. No wonder people have such challenges manifesting on demand, consistently, reliably, and predictably!

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