3 ways to let your intuition become your greatest ally in life

Introducing Maria Erving is a Transformational Teacher and Energy Healer on the Costa del Sol.

Introducing Maria Erving is a Transformational Teacher and Energy Healer on the Costa del Sol.

Our intuition is always and constantly communicating with us, guiding us towards that which is right and good for us.

It’s always conveying messages to us that would help us in our life path, career, relationships, and our overall well-being, if we just listen to it.

Everybody has access to the small voice within, call it gut-feeling, hunch, sixth sense, or instinct - it’s all basically the same thing; it’s our guidance-system that always has our best interest at heart.

It warns us against things that could hurt us and it guides us to what is for our highest good, and it also provides us with new ideas, solutions and answers to any questions we might have.

Our intuition speaks to us as an inner voice, saying things like “don’t go there”, “call them today”, “do this”, “contact him”, and so forth.

It’s always on the alert for us, sending warnings when needed and always encouraging us to grow and evolve towards greater fulfillment in life.

We can save ourselves from a lot of suffering when we learn to trust it, knowing that it’s always concerned with our best in mind.

So many people are not aware of their intuition or they are ignoring it

Usually because they’re overly concerned about what other people might think of them so they let their opinions become more important than their own inner truth.

In this article I’m going to share three ways in which you can connect with your intuition so it can become your most powerful ally in life.

Your intuition is always ready to help you make the right decisions and choices whether it’s in your personal life or in your professional life.

3 ways to recognize and develop your intuition:

1.) Listen to your bodies signals and responses.

Pay attention to your gut feeling about people and situations.

It’s not about being judgmental or critical of others, just pay attention to what vibe you get from people. If it feels a bit ‘off’, either walk away or be extra aware and cautious around them.

Also listen to your body and how it reacts when you’re about to do something.

Is there a sense of expansion within you, a surge of energy, or do you feel you’re contracting, like your energy is dropping?

Your body always lets you know the truth about things.

Notice if you feel excited, uplifted and energized, or if you feel a sense of dread, or get a bad feeling in your stomach or a tightening around your chest area.

Those are signals not to proceed with something or with someone.

2.) Pay attention to the voices in your head.

Many people talk themselves out of their own intuitive instincts by rationalizing the

hunches they get.

The lack of self-awareness is many times the reason why we allow the mind to rationalize and push the intuitive feelings aside.

To prevent this and to increase your self-awareness, pay attention to the different voices in your head and what they are telling you.

Listen to the small voice inside that keeps telling you to end a certain relationship for example, and also notice the voice that makes excuses and rationalizes why you shouldn't.

Notice how you’re talking yourself in and out of things, and as your self-awareness increases, the right routes and actions will become blatantly obvious to you much faster.

3.) Ask your intuition about anything and it will provide you with the answers and solutions you seek.

The answers will come from stillness, so turn off the TV or laptop and take some time

to just be with yourself.

Take a moment to relax your mind, that’s when the answers you seek can be most easily heard.

When your mind is relaxed, begin inwardly asking specific and clearly formulated questions.

The answers will not come from ‘thinking’ but you will ‘receive’ them from the depth of your deeper mind. 

Powerful questions you can ask yourself: “what do I need to know [about this]?” and “what’s the next best action I can take?”.

Then, as you go about your day you will intuitively be guided and directed to whatever

it is that you need in order to get your questions answered or solved.

You will receive clear guidance, experience synchronicity and see other signs as well, so pay attention and then go with what is shown.

Let your intuition become your greatest ally in life.

Trusting and acting on your intuition is the key that opens the door and allows you to walk into a new and better situation, so don’t second guess yourself.

Trust yourself and the guidance you receive.

The nature of intuition is that it’s persistent, it keeps giving us nudges, but if we don’t listen to its voice, it will drown in the ocean of the voices of the world, so it’s important to go with the hunches right away.

That’s how it grows stronger and stronger and becomes your most powerful ally in life.

Then it’s always there helping and guiding you towards higher and higher levels of fulfillment and success, both in your personal and in your professional life.

Your intuition only wants you to be happy, that’s its main purpose for you, so trust it, and know it always wants only the very best for you.