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Vitamin C: The Stress-Reducing Nutrient

Name the first fact that pops into your head when I mention the words ‘Vitamin C.’ I would be willing to bet that some of the initial thoughts that crossed your mind were related to oranges and possibly your immune system. But, can you think of anything else about the well-known vitamin? If you answered no, it’s perfectly okay, most people are not Vitamin C connoisseurs. But, the more you learn about Vitamin C, the more interesting it becomes. It is worth reading up on because, believe it or not, the vitamin is pretty crucial to your overall health – and not just around cold and flu season.

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When I was drinking I loathed myself. Now, I am very proud of the person I´ve become.

One morning, at the end of a drinking binge, I’d spent all my money, maxed out my credit cards, it was hot outside, but I couldn’t face going back to see my girlfriend or family to get some rest,” says Andrew, a 43-year-old business executive. “So I went to my car parked in the underground parking lot, but realised I couldn’t drive as I could barely walk. I sat there, wanting to be alone and isolate myself from everyone and everything.

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