How to experience more synchronicity in your life 

In the August edition of Society Marbella I wrote about how to listen to your intuition, your inner guidance system. In this article I’m going to share with you about the outer guidance we all have access to and which often comes in the form of synchronicity. 

The universe is always speaking to us and the communication is an ongoing flow of information that comes from both the outside and from within. As with intuition, synchronicity is also always happening, it’s just that most people are not aware enough to see them. We haven't really been taught to listen to and follow our intuition, and intuition is connected to our ability to experience synchronicity. It’s also important because not all “signs” are actually signs, so intuition is vital in terms of being able to discern what is truly for us and not merely what our ego wants. The ego can easily interpret events to mean something because it wants them to mean something, so be (self) aware. 

Most of us were taught to not follow our inner knowing and truth. 

Most of us were told “you gotta do it (live life) this way” because ’that’s what everybody else is doing’ and ‘that’s just how life works’. But what if you were told wrong? What if it’s not true at all? How could it possibly be ‘right’ to go against your own inner compass and instincts? It makes no sense at all and it only creates inner conflict in people and takes them out of the flow of life. 

The truth is that you can rely on your inner guidance, and you can also trust the outer guidance that the universe is constantly sending your way. 

Invite and invoke more synchronicity into your life. 

Synchronicities are a reminder that reality is something more than what we have been told it is. If you with sincerity say something like this you will open up to letting life both surprise you and guide you in all its beautiful ways: 

“Please send me a sign that can help me with [your issue/challenge/desire]. I ask for a sign that is so clear that it leaves no doubt in my mind that there indeed is a guiding principle in the universe that is kind and loving and that knows me and which help is available to me. Thank you." 

Synchronicity always seeks to give us direction towards something that could somehow benefit us, like for example by sending symbolic messages (many times through other people without them even knowing it) and other ‘outer’ signs. They are meaningful and encouraging messages that feels very personal and that many times leaves you in complete awe and wonder. Synchronicities can come as validations that lets you know you’re on the right path and that things are somehow connected to your goals and desires even if it doesn’t look that way. In times of doubt they can come as precognitions of future events and outcomes, like bread-crumbs along your path to encourage you and bring hope. 

It’s like having the universe letting you know it has your back! It’s up to us to pay attention to all the (sometimes strange) coincidences, serendipities and other signs and chance meetings. 

Things that makes you go “hmmm..”. 

Many times, synchronicities also completely jolt you with astonishment and make you believe in magic and miracles again! As you begin to notice them and become aware of the themes and patterns that are unfolding all around you all the time (that you currently may be completely blind to), you can’t help but smile and feel a deep connectedness with the universe. 

So again, all you really have to do is to ask for more to be shown. 

That’s all it takes, and then stay open and aware to both subtle as well as bigger signs and information that the universe sends your way. Synchronicity then opens up more and more and one string of events leads and transitions smoothly and effortlessly into the next. So, it doesn’t have to be something that only happens now and then randomly, but it can actually be a way you live your life. It happens naturally as you become aware of the other, deeper dimensions of life that most people can’t see or even know exist, and then you will begin to experience synchronicity more and more. 

Synchronicity becomes the norm when you follow your intuition. 

The less you act on your inner wisdom though, the less likely you will get synchronicities, simply because your awareness of them diminishes. It’s all connected, so pay attention to meaningful synchronistic events and coincidences especially in the next couple of days or so after you’ve asked to see more. The more aware and aligned with the flow you become, the more you will experience them, and that’s when really great and amazing things will begin to unfold in your life. 

Many times, it happens rapidly, as a series of happenings that you then respond to and take action on, and that’s when other things in your life starts to sync and fall into place for you as well. 

It’s as if the universe has been waiting for your cooperation and participation in the flow of life, and now, finally, the pace can start to pick up and this is when things begin to happen fast!