Let's Roll With It

Rollers - not a word that scares anyone these days. But back in the good old 80s, the only rollers worth talking about were perm rollers. Rollers had become a dirty word in the world of hairdressing, associated with old ladies and the purple rinse brigade. To try and rid this old fashion connotation the hair industry renamed them perm rods and with that the rollers were back! 

As time went on anyone who considered themselves fashionable were too busy scrunching and teasing their hair to bother with rollers anymore. Then Vidal Sassoon, (the master of precision cutting,) encouraged everyone to throw away their rollers as he championed the blow-dry.

Fast forward 20 years and no self-respecting glamour girl who loves a bit of volume, would be seen dead without her bouncy blow-dry achieved with the use of rollers. The invention of the velcro roller revolutionizedthe blow dry, simply because it was easy to use and looked nothing like its spikey counterpart. The velcro roller did everything the original version did, giving volume, body and a finish that a conventional blow dry never could.

In my extensive spare time, (cough, cough,) I‘ve been able to give a lot of thought to the hours we spend blow-drying and putting rollers in hair. It is a given, that the best result comes from leaving the rollers in for at least two hours after the initial blow dry. So I am now putting it out there! What about doing a few more shampoo and sets girls?

 Have your wet hair whacked on big rollers, sit under the hood dryer for 40 minutes and then let them cool for an extra 15.. This will guarantee you the kind of body and bounce that will last till it’s washed again.

 Think of how much less damage we would be doing long term to all that processed hair. Heat and traction damage are the worst culprits for wrecking your hair. If you stopped the ruthless blowdrying and instead dried it under a comfortable heat, (and yes it has to be or you will feel like you head has been set on fire,) this would HAVE to be healthier for the hair.

 And all you girls with wefts, weaves and extensions, there will be no pulling on the root sections, which can only be a good thing for the health and integrity of the hair and scalp.

I am quite fancying creating a Drying Room or a Drying Lounge. Big comfy chairs with mini manicure tables attached, which would allow the clients to maximize their time and take advantage of the other beauty services on offer.

 It would be a hive of hard-hat hair dryers, where women are abuzz with excitement, browsing magazines, enjoying some good old girly gossip as heat from the dryers give their curls lift and volume. The payoff - voluminous curls that rival any glossy Hollywood tabloid. Think Beauty School Drop Out meets The Kardashians. 

We, like many other salons, only have one conventional hooded dryer, but were this to catch on, who knows. I am all for moving forward but sometimes the old ways were the best. 

Come on girls give it a go.