The Leaf

Its March and Spring is in the air … We are pleased to announce that we have crafted a range of products that are inspired by our beautiful picturesque surroundings. These CBD tinctures and capsules without THC will be ready at the end of this month, we just can’t wait for you to try them! As they have no THC, they are suitable for everyone! We work to provide the best quality Organic Elite Hemp Products in Spain along with guidelines to improve your health and well being.... Belief in The Leaf.   


TLE The unbelievable journey continues

Well this month has been fantastic with TLE forming alliances with other like-minded individuals interested in the amazing properties of the Hemp/Cannabis plant.

I believe in a healthy lifestyle, and to maintain balance in the mind and body, I not only use hemp but I use daily exercise, diet and meditation. The importance of taking care of yourself in the form of food and exercise is fundamentally important to our overall health and welfare. The everyday pressures of our lives cause the utmost stress on us and this in turn reflects on our bodies causing us to feel off balance. 

Just remember that we all have bad days when we think we can’t cope or life’s just too much, give yourself a little time and energy. Enjoy what nature has provided, walk in the mountains or on the beach, smile in the sunshine and listen to meditation music. We are all unique and we all need different things in our lives to help us grow. I feel truly blessed that have been given this opportunity to help people and work in this unbelievable fascinating industry, I have to keep pinching myself that I am actually living my dream and I believe that you all can too, its all in the power of our thoughts.


At Christmas in the Santa’s Grotto with my two children, I bumped into a friend from school that I had not seen in over 25 years! Once we got talking we discovered that we both were using natural therapies to help treat clients. When Toni explained how she worked with blood analysis and homeostasis I could not believe my luck … how the universe works, its incredible.

Being with Toni has given me a deeper understanding of how PH levels in our blood effect our body and the way it responds. Everyone is unique and our eco system is tuned in to find exactly what our body needs. Her theory that one of the reasons that CBD helped people was that Hemp was the perfect PH level which is homeostasis …. Guess what it is. According to the acid alkaline food chart the PH levels of flax seed which is another name for hemp was rated 6 and hemp protein powder was rated 8. This helps us get into balance. 

Toni offers a one to one client service from London, that analyses your blood to find your homeostasis (which is the optimum health where your higher self is able to flow). We will be able to analyse your PH levels just after taking CBD to see the exact effect it has on each individual client. I am so excited to be able to have a deeper insight into how the different cannabinoids effect each and everyone. It’s amazing how the human body was developed to look after itself. It is constantly working to take out what it needs to repair itself and bring our body into homeostasis.


When starting a business, the most important and time consuming part is finding the right people to work with, well who better than my best friend Lisa Goodchild and Sarah Wilson my sister from Digiwoo learning. They have over 20 year’s experience and will be maintaining websites and social media from the UK. 

My marketing team in Spain will be lead by Vanessa Gonzalez who is inspirational, when we were introduced through a friend we just clicked. She loves all things organic and is great at finding the right people to work with who appreciate sustainable products and the benefit they have in society. 

I have also found myself the perfect apprentice and PA, Maxence Millieret who is currently finishing off her studies in the IE business school in Madrid, she is enthusiastic and full of energy just what the TLE team required.



We have now got a beautiful secluded location for clients to come and visit me in person, where they can view the products and find out more about the cannabis plant. We work individually with clients to try to see what program works best for you, finding holistic therapies and include recommendations for blood analysis, diet and exercise. We are all unique and every person has different needs and requirements therefore every treatment is slightly different. Please call or email to make appointments.




Working with the Jujitsu team lead by Charlye Vivas at Dynamic we are analysing the benefits that CBD has on the body and the effects it has on your performance whilst training. Visit us at Dynamic to see if we can work a program that will benefit you and bring your body into homeostasis. 


 TLE is proud to have its first ever event at the Spannabis exposition in Barcelona. It is one of the biggest events in the European cannabis industry and will be a great place to show off our new Hemp product range. We will be accompanied by our beautiful CBD models Cammie Andrews and Sasha Lingorski, alongside my PA and marketing team. Cannot wait! Follow us on Instagram #theleaftlc to keep up to date with events.