Taste Something Different From The Usual, at Mojo 3.0

Head chef at Mojo 3.0 Marbella

Diverse Culinary Delights

This month we talk to Head Chef of Mojo 3.0, Manu Liria to discuss his past experience, inspiration and why a love for gastronomy should be the key ingredient in every kitchen.

Can you tell us about your background and how did your culinary career begin?

I have lived and worked in different parts of the world including London, Thailand, Australia, New York, Barcelona and Ibiza. I am always looking for culinary diversity from other cultures and this has always inspired me as a chef and is reflected in my dishes.

This November, I will have dedicated 24 years of my life to the industry and there has not been one single day I have regretted my decision to be a chef. Is it a hard profession? Yes, but for me it is the best in the world.

 What is your philosophy when it comes to food and where do you take your inspiration from? 

This is easy. In my case, I love what I do. For me it is not a philosophy, it is simply a passion for what I do. Through my creations I want to reflect a traditional and experimental cuisine, without losing the essence of each of them.

 What would you describe as your signature dish or dishes?

I have more than one but if I had to choose one from the Mojo 3.0 menu, I would say the fig carpaccio with parmesan foam, raspberry balsamic and pine nuts. This is one of my own creations and it has accompanied me for a long time.

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? 

I think every chef has something different to add, some are ingredients from Asia, some are Mediterranean, but one thing that should never be missing from a kitchen is the love for gastronomy.

Do you think the food scene has evolved in Marbella in recent years? 

Yes, I think that Marbella has a varied and intense gastronomy. This is the reason we chose Marbella for our culinary concept, to add our grain of sand, creating new flavours and textures with a canary fusion. This is a unique concept on the Costa del Sol.

 What can customers expect from the food at Mojo?

In Mojo 3.0, we don’t offer a simple dinner for our clients. We want them to feel and taste something different from the usual and have a unique dining experience here in Marbella.

 What would be your recommendation from the menu? 

At Mojo 3.0 you can choose from our “A la Carte” Menu, but if you really want to have a 3.0 experience, I personally recommend you try our tasting menu for a journey through the Canary Islands without moving from your seat. This is a full experience of flavours accompanied by the best wine selection. 

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