Cheese of the month! GRANIZO

Each month gourmet food company, Delicias de la Huerta will be sharing their gourmet produce with us offering exclusive cheeses, select wines, fresh fruit and vegetables, unique meat cuts and much more. The growing company already has four stores in Marbella; Delicias de la Huerta (Nueva Andalucía), Delicias Kobe World Meats (Nueva Andalucía), Delicias Gourmet Shop Elviria (Elviria) and Delicias Urban Gourmet (Marbella center). However, they are more than just a shop. They offer home delivery, private catering plus a two-hour express delivery service… they will even deliver to your boat! Whatever your requirements, you can count on Delicias de la Huerta to offer the finest in quality produce.

Granizo is made in Villamalea, Albacete. Each cheese is handcrafted using milk from La Mancha goats which is known for its intense flavour. Its maturation period is 20 days - 200g.

Granizo is an artisan soft cheese made from unpasteurised goat’s milk, it has a silky texture and a very peculiar rind that hides black truffle inside, people in Albacete call it ‘cerebro’, meaning ‘brain’. The black truffles give a very aromatic and pleasant flavour with a long-lasting finish.

After three days of elaboration the process of shaping the cheese begins. It must be kneaded by hand giving it a rounded shape, taking great care so that it does not break. Finally, it is left at room temperature so that the geotrichum makes its effect and the special rind - the ‘brain’, begins to form. The result is an impressive cheese with a soft, creamy texture and melting nuances. Clean flavour predominating the lactic notes of yogurt & cream and a pleasant truffle after-taste.

“La Rueda del Cabriel", the Cheese Factory

The name of this cheese factory has its origin in La Rueda del Cabriel, an old watermill that extracted water from the Cabriel River, one of the cleanest in Europe, to irrigate the gardens of the gardeners. Located in Villamalea, in the beautiful valley that borders the Júcar and Cabriel rivers, this cheese factory produces cheeses with raw milk from the family cattle hut, made up of goats from the Murcia-Granada region. Raw milk retains the original characteristics of milk, both in nutritional qualities and in flavour and aromas, since the bacterial flora present in milk develops and provides unique and unrepeatable characteristics. The whole process is artisan, the pieces are made one by one, completely handmade and natural.


Granizo, has been chosen as the second-best cheese in Spain in the “Gourmetquesos 2019” contest, in which the best cheeses in Spain are chosen. 


El Granizo is a lactic curd cheese that perfectly matches fresh wines and young white wines.