Cheese of the month!


This month we are excited to announce the introduction of a new column. Each issue gourmet food company, Delicias de la Huerta will be sharing their gourmet produce with us. Offering exclusive cheeses, select wines, fresh fruit and vegetables, unique meat cuts and much more, the growing company already has four stores in Marbella; Delicias de la Huerta (Nueva Andalucía), Delicias Kobe World Meats (Nueva Andalucía), Delicias Gourmet Shop Elviria (Elviria) and Delicias Urban Gourmet (Marbella center). However, they are more than just a shop. They offer home delivery, private catering plus a two-hour express delivery service… they will even deliver to your boat! Whatever your requirements, you can count on Delicias de la Huerta to offer the finest in quality produce. 

This month they are on hand to teach us all about the Cheese of the Month, Perail. This is a soft cheese made with pasteurized sheep's milk. Its rind is thin and slightly wavy. Its paste is flexible, thin, creamy and melting and its soft and flexible texture reveals a fresh flavour with a touch of milk, butter and light animal notes.

A cheese with history

The Papillon brand was founded by Paul Alric in 1906. After 3 generations, the Farines family took over Papillon in 1998 to expand the company. In 2001 Papillon expanded its exquisite range of sheep's milk cheeses, including Perail. The “Lacaune” sheep in the area are very resistant and adapt well to difficult climatic and geographical conditions. Their milk is the best raw material to make creations such as Perail. Papillon tuning specialists work day after day in the development of aromas and flavours of their cheeses in the natural caves of Roquefort, created by the rock of Combalou.

About the environment

The Aveyron area is a rural area of cultivated hills of wheat and barley. The rock of Combalou, adjacent to the town of Roquefort, collapsed a million years ago, providing these lands with their natural wealth, including many wineries and caves. These natural caves are crypts with arches and pillars that create an incredible underground city. A mineral environment with a moist, fresh and constant microclimate perfect for Papillon cheeses.

A unique cheese

Pérail is a cheese produced in the cellars of southern Aveyron. A soft cheese, made with sheep's milk from the Lacaune breed. It is cured for 7 to 8 days, has a cream colour and tastes fresh, cured or semi-cured and its creamy texture reveals a delicate flavour. A cheese derived from tradition and innovation. 

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Galera is a food supplier specializing in quality cheeses. They deliver to restaurants and professionals and among its main objectives is to spread the word about quality cheese culture in the province of Malaga.