Happy 60s Birthday, Madonna!


On the opposite side of the Mediterranean ocean Madonna celebrated the end of her glorious 50s in the magical town of Marrakesh, with a stunning photo shoot with photographer Hassan Hajjaj. Dressed like a Moroccan goddess, the superstar nailed it with her mystical walk through the desert, accompanied by numerous dressed-up horses and equestrians with large burning torches following her.

Although it was Madonna’s birthday bash, she gave a present to her fans when she released the video of her ground-breaking performance at this year’s Met Gala, on her Youtube channel. The theme was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination." The breath-taking intro shows Madonna emerging from the hood of her robe, surrounded by Gregorian monks. Then, suddenly, she begins to sing the lyrics of - come on, what other song did you expect? - "Like a Prayer," of course! What follows is her switch to a more Joan of Arc look, whilst performing "Beautiful Game," and her version of Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah." 

On Instagram, she promoted the unveiling of the video with a big "Thank you" to all her fans: "In celebration of my birthday, and as a thank youfor all your donations to my Birthday Fundraiser, I wanted to share a very special performance from this year’s Met Gala. Check out on my YouTube page and enjoy the entire performance!"

It’s undeniable: For 60 years old, the stunning pop icon still knows how to rock a show - besides looking like a young 40! Happy Birthday to one of our favourite idols of all times, Madonna!