Oh no he didn’t!...


You can say many things about Selena Gomez.

You can say you don’t like her music because you’re entitled to have that opinion. You can say she has bad taste in men because Justin Bieber has never treated her right, you can even say that she sometimes goes a little OTT on the bronzer…But you just CANNOT say what Stefano Gabbana just said about the singer, not if you want to avoid a very deserved backlash from millions of people on social media.

The Italian designer, who co-founded the fashion label Dolce & Gabbana, went out of his way on Instagram this week to attack the beautiful Selena Gomez.

In the comments section of a photo on “The Catwalk Italia’s” Instagram account, Gabbana wrote the following alongside a photo of Selena:
È proprio brutta!!!
This translates, very simply and extremely rudely, to: She’s so ugly.

And while the star has so far taken the high road, refusing to even acknowledge the Italian designer's existence, her friends and fans online have been unable to show similar restraint.

For what it’s worth, we at SOCIETY think you’re beautiful, Selena!