Deep concern for Depp


Fans are concerned for Johnny Depp’s well-being after recent photos of the actor appearing “ill” surfaced online last month.

Johnny posed with his fans at a Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, last week looking visibly thinner than in previous appearances. The actor was in Russia for a performance with his band, The Hollywood Vampires. The image also provoked concern in comment sections, where users described the actor as appearing “sick,” “weak” and “skinny.”

“I think my hero looks ill,” one user commented on Facebook of the shared fan photo.

Johnny has been the subject of some bad press this past year. First there was the very public implosion of his marriage to Amber Heard, who claimed the actor had physically abused her last year, and this year he has been in the process of suing his business managers! Ouch!

Although he’s had a rough year, the reason for the actor’s new look is unclear. We do know that Johnny Depp takes his career quite seriously, so perhaps it’s for a new movie role?

Let’s hope so!