A-List Education


If you happen to be in LA at some point in the near future, you should totally check this out. Shia LaBoeouf has just opened his own theatre school named Slauson R.C., an unconventional, devised and experimental project, inviting basically everyone who wants to take part.

On Twitter he shared more information about the attendance requirements for the school, which was founded by La Boeuf himself, as well as Bobby Soto and Shelley Mitchell, saying that everyone who has a story to tell and is willing to share it, will be welcome every Saturday morning at 9am for a lesson with La Boeuf himself.

What can you learn there besides meeting the Transformers star? On the school’s website it says: "We develop cutting-edge material in-house, through improvisation, nonfictional acting, and collaborative group work.” Shia is making acting classes more available to the people and we can only say: Well, done Mr LaBoeuf!