Jobless to Millionaire in 10 Months - The Missing Teachings in Law of Attraction

Introducing Lorna J, one of the highest paid Success Coaches and Spiritual Teachers in the world.



About Lorna J

Lorna went from jobless single Mom, diagnosed as bipolar with several forms of ADD, to Spiritual Millionaire in just 10 months, in an overcrowded market and an industry where she’d had no prior experience…


Two years later, Lorna has cemented her spot as one of the worlds leading success coaches and thousands of others are now learning from her teachings on the mechanics of manifesting on demand.

Lorna’s clients now consist of world-changers, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and visionary CEOs who want to unleash their true ‘genius giant’ nature and step into their most potent power. 

Familiar with the David and Goliath story? Lorna takes ‘Davids’ but instead of helping them slay the giants, she turns them into giants…From unknowns to authority. Where a ‘small’ company can win against multimillion-dollar company despite the perceived competition and reasons why it can’t happen. The ‘impossible’ made possible. 

How does she do it? First, let’s cover some of the basics of Lorna’s training:



·      Everything is energy, just different forms and densities of energy. The pages of this magazine are made from condensed energy, so it appears solid. The same goes for our physical bodies. 


·      Consciousness– If you’re alive, you are conscious. Your ‘self’ is essentially made from codes of consciousness that together create tones and frequencies. So we are essentially a collection of energetic tones and frequencies. This is why the Law of Attraction focuses on your frequency and vibration.


·      Shadow– Inner shadow is a misunderstanding of truth in your subconscious. When your daily thoughts and actions are running through shadow, it suppresses your magnetism and lowers your vibration. So you could be marketing the hell out of your business and do everything ‘right’ by the book, but if you are taking those actions through shadow, it will be weaker energy and will have poor or inconsistent results. 


·      Intuition– Following your intuition is old news, what’s new is following your intuition when it is free from untruths, aka shadow. Intuitive marketing in your business for example means not going by the ‘rules’, or by what the latest guru or system says it should be. Rules and systems can work, but only so far. Once you reach that point, it’s either burnout and give up, or follow your intuition regardless of how uncomfortable, or unrelated it seems to your goal. 


·      Masculine and feminine energy– Each of us has masculine and feminine energy running through us (note this has nothing to do with sex or gender). There is lots of info in the LOA communities about the feminine energy as it’s the receiving energy and most people want to receive new experiences, feelings or things. So, we get told to work on our feminine energy to manifest the things that we want. But here’s the kicker – manifestation is merely a creation of an experience and by the laws of the universe, creation requires feminine AND masculine energy. The masculine is the providing energy of the universe.


Once you know the laws and how to work with them, you can learn to manifest on demand. 


This is exactly what Lorna has been teaching through her coaching and Facebook livestreams that have seen hundreds of others experience massive success in short time.

Lorna’s points to remember about Law of Attraction if you desire to manifest something or someone in your life right now:


1.    Having a strong desire is not necessarily enough to manifest it.How many times in the past have you really wanted something, but it has not come to fruition? Desire is the vibrational point of attraction and vibration is made from codes. The codes are made of 3 parts; shadow, light and dark. So it’s not the intensity of your desire to manifest, it’s whether your desire is created mainly with light codes (magnetic to the providing energy) or shadow codes (energetically ugly to the masculine providing energy).

2.    Visualizing and affirmations alone won’t get you far for long. ‘Action’ is required but only inspired action. Sometimes that could mean no action at all, which can go against many people’s internal beliefs about what it takes to make things happen. 

3.    Taking loads of action and following systems to try and ‘make’ it happen just leads to exhaustion. 

If you are exhausted your vibration will be weak and it will become harder and harder to get the results like you used to, or like you truly desire. Not only that, but anxiety kills your magnetism, so it’s a no win situation.


So now you know, if Law of Attraction has been working inconstantly for you, or you seem to be manifesting things you don’t want, it’s because it works deeper than your thoughts, feelings and actions. It works within the codes that those thoughts, feelings and actions are made from. That’s where shadow Alchemy comes in, but we will save that for another time.


Where to find more

Over the next few months, Lorna will be sharing more elements of Law of Attraction with us in next month’s issue of Society Marbella, but until then you can join her free Facebook group Masters of Energy Alchemy or watch some of her epic livestreams on YouTube channel, Lorna J.


If you have ever read the book, The Secret, you may want to check out Lorna’s new book - The Dark Secret, revealing the mechanics behind Law of Attraction, the shadow, light and dark codes of consciousness, and the roles of masculine and feminine energies in manifestation. Check it out on Amazon. 


Lorna recently held her first event, the Signature Temple Activation, in Chicago USA, which was described as Burning Man meets Cirque Du Soleil meets Tony Robbins meets Oprah, after its mind boggling (or unboggling), transformational effect on the guests.  The Signature Temple Activation is soon to be made available as a virtual event for those outside of the US.