Treat Yourself

This month Jonathan picks out his favourite hair and makeovers created by Team Reflections. He also shares his latest hair care heroes, whether you have curly, straight, coloured, or dehydrated hair, there's something for you.

Going for gold

You know me, it takes a lot to get me excited about new hair products. I mean, been there, done it, got the t-shirt! However, Kerastase have just released their first haircare range for blondes, aptly named The Blond Absolu and it’s left me speechless, (well for all of 30 seconds, but that’s probably a record.) Blond Absolu IS life changing and how often to you hear those words coming out of my mouth? Providing deep ultraviolet care for lightened or highlighted hair, the range hydrates sensitized hair, protects from oxidation, whilst instantly neutralizing brassiness and boosting colour luminosity. Often, people with blonde hair have to choose between colour or care, which is why Kérastase decided to create a collection that married the two.

With the exquisite packaging I was sold as soon as it come out of the box. Add in the face that what’s inside is as good as the packaging promises, well, it makes me wish firstly, that I had hair and secondly that I was blonde just so I could use it. How gorgeous would the collection look on my bathroom shelf? Clients are currently raving about the Absolu Bain Lumière, €23.50 which is a lightweight shampoo designed for blonde, highlighted or grey hair. Using skincare hero hyaluronic acid to keep hair hydrated, the shampoo illuminates blonde tones to create radiant shine. 

I would recommend that caution be exercised and a little common sense when using the Blond Absolu range. You may think that your hair is looking yellow all over, but most times this isn’t the case. If you apply, for example, the Masque Ultra Voilet €42.50 to areas that are not quite as yellow, but are still porous, a slight blue cast may appear. If this does happen to you, then it’s your own bloody fault as I did warn you.  Always follow the instructions. Our Lauren slept in the mask last week and the next day her hair was, how should I put it, a little smoky. Basically leave it on too long and you will look like you have had a blue rinse. 

We are now also stocking the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is delicate, damaged or over processed and hanging on by a thread, then this is for you. It is simply fabulous for dehydrated and dry hair. I adore Olaplex's No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo which works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds and restore them whilst cleansing and nourishing each strand.

If you tend to be more on the oily side, then be careful, as it is a very rich product. I am not saying don’t use it, maybe opt for every other time and keep in mind that a little goes a long way. For those poor sods with fine oily hair, this is not for you my dears.

If you invest in Kerestase and Olaplex you will have covered all your hairdressing needs and basically should have award winning catwalk hair.

She’s nailed it

Dali, our supremely talented nail technician, I would like to welcome home after your sabbatical, (cause we all know that our staff love a sabbatical to try and find themselves.) They soon realize that the emerald city isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and with three clicks of their ruby slippers they are home to Reflections where they should be.

As many of our clients know, Dali is a very competent nail technician who covers every aspect of professional nail care with a sunny disposition. With over 20 years experience, she speaks English, Spanish and Czech fluently and understands Russian, making her an asset to our team. Loyal clients are returning in droves to Dali because they know that her work is so much more than just a job to her. She treats every client as an individual, spending the time to get to know them, before creating nails that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also work with the clients lifestyle and needs. Should any problems occur, Dali always asks clients to come back and she will work on the issue until she finds a solution. She loves her job and that shows throughout her work.


Stars of the Show

Paul’s client has been a variety of colours in the past, so Paul has gradually (SEE THE WORD GRADUALLY) been changing her colour from heavily highlighted with bleach to  soft golden beige and caramel blondes. Paul finished off the transformation by sharpening his clients look, taking the style from a long layer to a lob, a cut which is very of the moment. 

Once again Lottie, who was determined that she wasn’t having anymore hair extensions, lasted for all of 60 seconds before begging Lauren to work her wizardry again. Using 140 pre-balayage, Great Length extensions in three different colours,  I think the photos speak for themselves. Pre extensions, Laurin balayaged Lottie’s natural hair and of course used good old Olaplex. By the way this would be the same Lottie who always tells anyone who will listen, that she will never colour hair. Well she now has the ends of her hair bleached within an inch of their life! Total hair envy wouldn’t you agree?