The Great Organic Debate


Interest in organic food products has been rising steadily in recent years, but the majority of people still tend to choose conventional over organic foods. Some are discouraged by higher costs of organic food, while others are skeptical about organic being truly organic.

People who choose to go organic might do so because they think organic produce tastes better, and/or believe that it’s safer, more nutritious, better for animal welfare or better for the environment.

Some fantastic options are on the rise on the coast, where organic produce is affordable and reliable, in terms of knowing where it comes from. You will find my favourite organic farmers market at the end of this article.

The rise in sales appears to be due to increasing public concern about the use of pesticides, as well as increased awareness of how food is produced and how far it has traveled.

To help people decide whether or not organic food is for them, I have compiled the following pros and cons of buying organic as well as suggestions for which organic foods are the best to buy.

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Text by Bettina Campolucci Bordi