Virtual Reality on an augmented world

Virtual reality has been talked about as the next big thing in the entertainment industry for several years, but it’s only been the past 12 months that it’s really taken off. With new headsets and software being released every week, the quality is getting better and better, and the use of virtual reality and augmented reality has expanded well beyond games and movies. 

What is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

VR (Virtual Reality) creates a lifelike 3D digital reality. Currently this works by using a VR headset that creates a 360-degree simulation to make you feel like you are actually there. 

AR (Augmented Reality) on the other hand, overlays the image you would see through your mobile phone camera and screen. The Pokemon Go game is one of the most famous examples of AR. It uses the GPS location of the player to find and catch virtual creatures in the local area.

Check out some of the other cool ways VR and AR are being used in 2019…



Imagine entering a fitness class with a virtual instructor and other virtual players, or working out in some of the most beautiful exotic places in the world. It’s all possible with VR. Except you wouldn’t even have to leave your home...There are now many virtual reality fitness apps available to download and use with a VR headset for an immersive fitness experience.


Travel and hospitality companies have already started taking advantage of VR to showcase their destinations and accommodations in a new way. For example, Thomas Cook partnered with Samsung Gear VR to provide realistic views of Thomas Cook’s locations around the world. It won’t be long before more travel companies jump on the VR bandwagon and provide virtual tours of their destinations and properties.


VR has the ability to transform the way architects design their building projects. The technology enables architects to experiment with different aspects of the design process such as layout, materials and lighting. It can also be used to give potential buyers virtual tours of their new homes and buildings before purchasing. 


VR has the possibility to transform the learning experience for both the teacher and the student. Virtual reality can be used in training for many industries including medical, manufacturing, and driving or flight simulations. For schools, the idea is to allow students to experience scenarios, parts of the world, or reenactments of historical moments as if they were there. Any of the content can be interactive, allowing a truly multidimensional learning experience.


VR has played a big part in transforming the retail industry with the rise of smart shopping. Popular retail stores like Ikea have already introduced VR to their apps in order to showcase their products inside the home, and to give customers a view of how it would look before purchasing. Other retailers such as Adidas and Nike have used the technology to virtually try on clothing and footwear. AR apps like Fitz Frames also lets kids customize and try on prescription glasses for the perfect match.

Beauty & Cosmetic

Local businesses like Ocean Clinic Marbella, use VR to let patients ‘try on’ face or body surgery so they can see what they will look like after surgery, just by putting on the VR headset and looking into a virtual mirror. Augmented reality is widely used in beauty mobile apps now, from Snapchat filters, to apps that let you try out new eyebrow or hair styles.

Films and music

Many Hollywood directors are now taking on projects that use VR technologies such as the short film ‘Wild’ which was produced as an interactive virtual reality film. Some films and TV shows are also now available to watch in VR if you own a headset. You can also now watch live performances from singers and performers with a VR headset and the Wave XR app, attending the show virtually either as a standard viewer or a ‘floating star’.

Psychological disorders 

It’s hard to imagine how VR could help with psychological conditions but trials have shown that virtual reality could be very useful here. A VR program has already been tested to help people with a fear of heights. The program involves patients donning the headset and being transported to the top floor of a shopping mall, where they must carry out a range of spine-tingling challenges. The trial was found to be very successful and the team is now developing similar treatments for psychosis and OCD. People with sleep disorders can use the VR headset to immerse themselves in a 360-degree kaleidoscope or calming scene with relaxing sleep music.

Entertainment and games

There are now hundreds of games that now incorporate VR and AR, and the life-like quality is improving with every new update or release. We even have a Virtual Reality park in Malaga, where you can have a go on rollercoasters, walk round horror-houses, explore with dinosaurs, ride on crazy swings and more.