The Dream Team

Ocean Clinic is delighted to announce Dr. Felix Paprottka as a new Junior Consultant. Now fully qualified, he will be making exciting new techniques available to patients in Marbella. This month Society met with Dr. Paprottka to learn more about what he has been up to since joining Ocean Clinic and what lies ahead for this talented surgeon. 

You joined as Dr. Kaye’s resident in 2017, what has changed since then? 

Since then I have completed my plastic-aesthetic surgery residency program and passed all my exams, becoming a fully licensed specialist in Germany and Spain. I have also become a fellow of EBOPRAS after passing the honorable European Board Exam for Plastic Surgery.

I have been performing surgery as a Junior Consultant since the end of last year; focusing on facial surgery, breast surgery, liposuction, fat transfer and other aesthetic interventions. Besides that, I have also offered my services in the non-surgical field such as filler, Botox and Dermapen treatments to many satisfied patients.

With Ocean Clinic launching new branches in Madrid and Zurich, will you continue to be based in Marbella?  

Yes I will. Dr. Kaye will be going away more often now, to the new clinics and also to conferences around the world. So I will support him as much as I can here in Marbella, since this clinic is still the most important site for the Ocean Clinic Group.

You and Dr. Kaye worked together last year on some pioneering new facelift techniques. What research projects are you working on currently?  

We’re doing some more research about facial surgery, which will also be published in a medical journal. The first study we did was about achieving optimal ear lobe positioning during facelift surgery and preventing earlobe distortion thereafter. This time we’re going to focus on revision surgery after facelift interventions. So patients who’ve had a facelift before and experienced complications, like earlobe deformity such as the pixie ear or auricular displacement with a change of the ears’ given anatomic position.

Because these complications are on the face they cannot be hidden - other people can see that something is not right and this can be very stigmatising for the affected patient. However, with the techniques we’ve developed we’re showing that we can achieve very good results and it’s giving people hope.

I understand you have also been testing the benefits of using radiofrequency technology following surgical procedures?     

That’s right. We’re doing two big studies on using radiofrequency after aesthetic surgical interventions. One is to treat post-operative scars after breast augmentations, abdominoplasties and facelifts, in order to make the scars more fine, plain and soft. Scars are always formed like icebergs; you have the lid of the scar on top and then the scar tissue underneath. What the radiofrequency is doing with its high energy is first of all improving the visible scar but also shrinking the scar tissue in the deeper layers.

We’re also running another study using radiofrequency after liposuction to achieve skin shrinkage. The skin needs to retract after you take away the volume and the radiofrequency can help speed up this process. Everybody who has had surgery at Ocean Clinic Marbella and qualifies as a study participant, will receive the radiofrequency treatment free of charge. So far we’ve had high participation in the study and the results are looking promising.

In addition to this, we’re also working on new labiaplasty techniques to improve cosmetic outcomes in the field of female genital surgery, in order to keep as much of the natural shape of the inner labia. This new technique will be published as well quite soon.

Ocean Clinic is known for the emphasis it puts on knowledge sharing. Are you participating in any conferences this year? 

I am speaking at the Annual Meetings of the European Plastic Surgery Research Council in August and the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery (DGPRÄC) in September. I’m also part of the scientific committee for the Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summer School (MIPSS), coming up in June. I’m going to be assisting most of the live surgeons performing their innovative surgery in Ocean Clinic that will be broadcast into the auditorium. The congress is always getting bigger and bigger so my role is to keep everything running smoothly. It’s very exciting!

What can patients expect if they make a consultation with you?     


I like to take my time to offer a comprehensive consultation to all of my patients. It’s important to have a sense for what the patient is looking for, and also what the patient is not looking for but needs in order to improve their looks. This is always a quite tricky endeavour, but the patient satisfaction is my reward.

In order to achieve the best results, you need to be a perfectionist and have to challenge yourself constantly on a daily basis. All this paired with a human-touch is my signature.

To make an appointment with Dr. Paprottka call Ocean Clinic on +34 951 775 518.