It may have been 11 years since his arrival on the coast but it didn’t take Dr. Aslani long to make his mark in Marbella obtaining the highly coveted post of Head of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Quirón Hospitals in both Malaga and Marbella. This in itself is a significant achievement as he was the first non-Spanish Plastic Surgeon to be hired for the post. In addition, during this time he has successfully built his clinic, Cirumed, into one of the world’s most recognizable names in its field. 

With the goal of offering cutting edge surgical and non-surgical treatments to a beauty savvy clientele, Dr. Aslani and his wife, Jeannine have worked hard to consolidate Cirumed’s reputation for specialist surgery. In every success story there is a shining star and in this clinic’s case it has to be body contouring – a procedure (or set of procedures) undertaken in one day, sometimes involving liposuction, fat transfer, breast augmentation and a Brazilian Butt Lift all in one. 

Dr. Aslani is well known in UK celebrity circles for these procedures, and has recently worked his magic on reality star, Chloe Sims. His patients now come from far and wide, including countries such as Scandinavia and the USA. 

Jeannine has also made a name for herself with CoolSculpting: a non-surgical ‘fat freezing’ method that produces similar results to liposuction and can be used on practically any area of the body in which stubborn fat is present (including the belly, back, thighs, and even the double chin). CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved method for fat freezing; there are only a handful of machines in the South of Spain and interestingly, four of them are at Cirumed. “We were the first clinic to have two of our own machines, but CoolSculpting has been such a success that we have had to purchase another Cryolipolyses machine,” states Dr. Aslani. Jeannine is also in charge of all non-surgical procedures, including Fraxel and Fractora laser, Botox, fillers, and a bevy of additional treatments. 

With Cirumed’s growing success the husband and wife duo opened their own operating unit (which measures 1,300m2) in 2016. Dr. Aslani notes: “Our patient volume from overseas reached 80 per cent of our surgeries so we decided the next step was to build our own surgical center.” Measuring 1,300m2, the unit boasts two operating rooms, six suites, and two cutting edge Laminar Flow Systems (which keeps contamination down during surgery). The operating theatres have special equipment which allow Dr. Aslani to perform his body contouring work with ease. Dr. Aslani notes that “around 80 per cent of our patients come from abroad so we built our own surgical unit to cater fully to their needs.” Currently, the Clinic is working on expanding even further.

Another popular offering at Cirumed is the ‘complete circuit’, which meets all the needs of patients travelling to Marbella for the body contouring experience. Jeannine has perfected the circuit for these patients, taking care of all their needs from large to small.” 

Performing such regular surgeries, Dr Aslani has built a strong reputation in the cosmetic medical world which has led to multiple requests to speak at conferences around the globe, including Russia and the USA, where he has performed operations before groups of surgeons. “The great thing about travel is that you meet a lot of doctors who know you perform specific procedures frequently and they are keen on learning your techniques,” explained De. Aslani. His reputation has earned him various accolades; in 2016, he was deemed Best Aesthetic Surgeon by Medical and Corporate Livewire – a prestigious award he attributes to the “word of mouth reviews from our patients.” In addition to travelling, Dr. Aslani hosts his own conferences at Cirumed yearly. “We invite eminent plastic surgeons from all the over the world to perform live surgeries for other doctors and we also hold talks and presentations.”

When asked the secret to his success, Dr. Aslani, answered in one word – Jeannine. “Cirumed would never be what it is without her. She holds the Clinic together, since I am in surgery all day. She is in charge of everything from seeing her own patients to hiring staff and ensuring patients are happy. She is like the mother of the company, and has grown into a very big company indeed. We started out with a team of three and now we are 42. Our team may be larger but we still very much have a family atmosphere at work,” he explained. Many of the team have been with the Clinic since day one, and each and every staff member is totally devoted to the health and wellbeing of their patients. Dr. Aslani and Jeannine have created something truly special; a place their clients can feel comfortable, well cared for and that feels like home. 

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