The Real Amy Winehouse


This month American photographer and director Blake Wood is publishing his intimate photographic collection entitled Amy Winehouse, paying tribute to the true nature of the mega star. The 180-pages book consists of 150 black-and-white, as well as 85 colour photographs,
showcasing the real Amy, including images of her private life during the times when she performed in Paris, in her home studio in Camden Town, London as well as when she holidayed in St. Lucia.

Blake and Amy met through a friend at the peak of her career following his move to London in 2007 after a breakup. She had just won five Grammy Awards, but was struggling with all the media attention surrounding her, as well as her emotionally draining relationship. Blake
and Amy became very close friends, often described as being each other’s shoulder to cry on; someone to talk to about all their misery.

Every fan of Amy’s will surely remember when on 23 July 2011 the internet filled with headlines of the 27-year old soul diva’s tragic death. Without a pulse, nor any sign of life, the police
found her dead as a result of alcohol poisoning. However, if you watched the documentary about the British idol on Netflix, you will know that it was not only alcohol that was her enemy. In 2013, her brother Alex unveiled to the media that it was the drugs, the drinking and especially her struggles with eating disorders that took away her happiness and, in the end, her life. Right after her death, her GP, Dr. Christina Romete, explained that just a few hours before she died, Amy specifically stated that she did not want to die. However it was said that her doctor made it clear to her several times that if she continued drinking, her life would be in severe danger.

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