OsteoStrong® is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health, focusing on the foundation of your body: your skeletal system. OsteoStrong helps build bone and muscle density, reduce and even eliminate joint and back pain whilst at the same time dramatically improving posture and balance. No matter what age you are or how much time you usually spend exercising, OsteoStrong® is the new fantastic method to strengthen your skeletal strength. They have even seen members completely reverse Osteoporosis! They offer a bone scan and a first session for free!

The skeletal system is one of the most critical systems of the human body, Puerto Banús-based OsteoStrong® have developed a strategy to care for and strengthen it in less than 15 minutes once a week. We talked to some members who shared their experience and thoughts about OsteoStrong®.

Testimonial from Marta Bernad

“Quería contar mi experiencia con Osteostrong. Empecé hace cuatro meses y medio con Osteoporosis. La reciente resonancia ha tenido unos resultados asombrosos ya que mi masa ósea se ha incrementado en un 11% y ya solo tengo Osteopenia. Los recomiendo.”

“I’d like to share my experience with OsteoStrong. I started OsteoStrong four and a half months ago diagnosed with Osteoporosis. My recent scan shows amazing results since my bone mass has increased by 11% and I now only have Osteopenia. I certainly recommend them."

Testimonial from Barbara and Roger Hambleton

“It is always a pleasure to visit OsteoStrong Banus, in particular for the superb attention received from Gabriella and Lynda.  They are true 'rays of sunshine', even on a wet and cold day and effortlessly make your OsteoStrong experience an extremely positive one.

As far as benefits are concerned I Barbara, having experienced a great deal of pain in my lower back for a considerable length of time, which has now reduced to an almost non-existent level.  On a day when I have walked extensively, I sometimes develop an ache at the end of the day, which reduces following rest.

Roger experiences greater feeling and sensation in his toes and the soles of the feet, which has been missing for some time.

As yet, neither of us have re-checked our bone density numbers, however the machines are illustrating improved performance on a very regular basis.

The hydro-massage following the exercise machines provides us with a most pleasurable finale to the session.   

The OsteoStrong sessions are always viewed as positive ones and certainly not as a punishment.

Thank you Gabby and Lynda for your consistent patience and motivation.”

Testimonial from Mary O’Driscoll

“I have been going to Osteostrong now  for a number of months.  The reason I am going is to reverse osteopenia  and I am amazed at how quickly I have start to hit my rapid growth trigger. Hopefully by next year I will have reached my goal and I will continue to work on my bone strength. 

Osteostrong is wonderful place and I am so happy to have found it. 

The staff are amazing. I so enjoy going  there and Linda and Gabrielle are two wonderful ladies who take excellent care of me from start to finish. Bone health is so important for all ages and at Osteostrong the staff are so knowledgable and really care about your bone health. I feel so lucky to have it.”

Testimonial from Birma

“After taken the 2 FREE sessions here at OsteoStrong and having a bone scan through my doctor, that told me my bones were a little bit under normality for my age, I committed to one year with OsteoStrong.  

Now after just over 3 months I feel very good, especially when I see how the strength % grows on the machines and I love ending the session with the wonderful HydroMassage😍

I also love coming here as the staff is super friendly, they always welcome me with warmth and smiles and the atmosphere here is very good. 

I definitely recommend this.”

Testimonial from María Luisa Kuyumdjian

“Hace 4 meses q estoy haciendo esta nueva técnica y el cambio ha sido notable no solo por el resultado de la DENSITOMETRÍA OSEA sino porque voy notando en mi día a día que en el GYM ayer por ejemplo pude subir en 500gr. las mancuernas y en 10 kg el ejercicio de gluteos y de 3 á 5 la bicicleta ELÍPTICA y la potencia de muslos en +2.5 kg.

Y este cambio lo noté a pesar q 3 semanas estuve enferma y no pude acudir.

Ademas de este cambio cuando termino cada sesión semanal me siento con mayor energía..que tambièn tiene que ver en esto el trato tan exquisito que recibo por parte de Gabriela y Linda.

Espero q mi testimonio pueda servir para otras personas!!!!

Un abrazo”

Testimonials from Bebe de Fouquières

“I am so happy with the benefits of Osteostrong.

I have been doing it for 6 months now and every time I leave I feel so much better. One thing that has been so important for me is that I had a pain in my right shoulder for over a year, the pain restricted my movement and I was left unable to do many things such as swimming. From the second session my pain disappeared and has not returned.

Therefore, for me Osteostrong is very successful.”

"Estoy muy feliz con los beneficios de Osteostrong. Lo he estado haciendo durante 6 meses y cada vez que me voy me siento mucho mejor. Una cosa que ha sido tan importante para mí es que tuve un dolor en el hombro derecho durante más de un año, el dolor restringió mi movimiento y no pude hacer muchas cosas, como nadar. Desde la segunda sesión mi dolor desapareció y no ha regresado. Por lo tanto, para mí, Osteostrong es muy exitoso” 

Testimonials from Elaine Veness

“In 2005 I sustained an injury to my sacro-Ileac joint which left me with an unstable joint and chronic pain. I also suffered from bilateral Achilles tendinitis as a result.

I had been using a walking stick to help with my balance and was on the highest dosage of Tramadol plus Co-codamol. I had trouble sleeping and couldn’t walk or stand for very long at all.

I heard about Osteostrong through a friend who persuaded me to try it out. I was sceptical as my problems were not with the bones but with muscles and tendons. However, I should have believed!

Since the second session, I have noticed an improvement in my condition. After 10 sessions, I am better than I’ve been in the past 13 years! 

The Achilles tendinitis is giving no problems, my joint appears more stable. I have reduced the pain relief to the lowest dose of Tramadol and plan to come of it completely with the support of my family doctor. I am much more mobile, don’t need the walking stick! I am sleeping properly again and due to my increased mobility I have lost weight and feel so much more alive! I have even started hill walking! 

If I had been told this is where I’d be after 10 sessions I would never have believed it. The muscles and tendons appear to have been strengthened which means my joint is held in place better now.

I would recommend Osteostrong to anyone with a similar problem.

It’s completely changed my life.”