It’s almost unbelievable thinking that over a decade ago we heard the name "Lady Gaga" for the very first time when her tribute single "Just Dance" was bursting all over the globe from almost every TV and radio channel. And when thinking of the megastar back then, you will probably remember daring outfits, theatrical music videos and a remarkable voice exploring the depth of various music genres. Glamour, extravagance and a provocative style have been Lady G’s essiantials to impress the world and stand out of the crowd. 

But there is a lot more behind this pretty face: Born in New York as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the American artist with Italian roots has undoubtably shown one of the most astonishing style transformations in history. And it’s not only her way of dressing up that has continuously been changing over those 10 years. From starting as the new world-famous singer and fashion icon, Gaga has made her way up to the top by becoming a symbol of contemporary feminism, an activist, record producer, businesswoman, designer, philanthropist and - probably her current most interesting title - actress.

Anna Bianca