An Unforgettable Fashion Story

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For us, Sisko Akt has been a project that we created with true love and passion, combining our different styles and personalities as sisters and offering a unique vision of fashion to the world. The outcome has been overwhelming, and after three years of working side by side, creating, producing, directing and modelling together, we can openly say that we have had the beautiful opportunity to work with extremely talented professionals from the field. We cherish our co-workers, who have become part of a big family and we thank them for unconditionally supporting our project, without them it would not have come to life in the way that it did. Another gift that resulted from Sisko Akt, has been a deeper connection as sisters, best friends, and business partners, so we can confirm that working together in family can unite and bring you closer as a team.

Fashion, creativity, and travel has had an immense meaning in our lives since we were very young girls. Fashion has transcended world history and as a result, all of the social, political, and cultural changes have marked all of society deeply, in a way that fashion has become more than purchasing brands or chasing the latest trends. It is a human form of expression, as it expresses the culture we were born into, and the changes we have gone through and are constantly going through in our lives. Therefore, throughout our fashion section, we have always strived to express and reflect upon relevant subjects like cultural and historical matters and create a window to explore exotic and beautiful locations around the world whilst presenting something unique. From shooting in the driest desert in the world, to the exotic Moroccan dunes at sunset and experiencing the history of Cuba or reflecting upon the power of fashion in the corporate world, here we want to share some of our favourite editorials, and, with the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn close, it is the perfect time to enjoy an unforgettable journey of two sisters, two styles, and much more... Hasta pronto!

We want to sincerely thank the Society Magazine team for gracefully handing over to us, month by month, the immense trust and freedom to express our creativity and (sometimes crazy) ideas through our passion for fashion and creative direction.

Andrea & Dominique Forsström


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Aleksander Santo, Andres Moncada, Barbara Serrano, Benjamin Ramirez, Carlos Carretero, Carlos Fernandez (CAF Fotografía), Florencia Barrios, Irene Sekulic, Joanna Kustra, Jorge Mier Terran, Jose Serrano, Juanlu Rodriguez, Juan Trujillo, Julia Roder, Manuel Martos, Mathias Wehrhahn, Matias Troncoso, Mekki Kadiri, Ricardo Sfeir, Miguel Lopez (Fotografia 1K),  Pilar Castro.

MUAH: Amaia Binen, Camila Paz, Ella Megan, Jess Miles, Jorge Fortes, Jorge Sanchez, Lena Tanevska, Liza Mayne, Rafael Bueno Peluqueros, Tiare Dreyer.

SPECIAL THANKS for the support of our mother, Gema Diaz, for your unconditional support in each one of our crazy endeavours, always giving us your biggest smile, enthusiasm, professionalism and help make all of our dreams come true!


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A romantic, sexy and fun shoot, with styling that was daring and editorial appropriate.


Escape to Paradise

Here we reminisce about a funny moment behind the scenes. While we may look glamorous on the jetski, behind there is our whole team on a boat out at sea struggling in crazy waves! We had to try and keep straight faces and not laugh!



Metal Couture

Another unforgettable shoot where we had a last minute unexpected situation and couldn't get to the location we had in mind - so our best friend ‘improvisation’ stepped in again! So there we were, dressed like crazy metal heroes driving a scooter through town, searching for a new location, and we found the perfect spot!


Cuba libre

Wow, when we look at these pictures, we can say that it was hands down the most challenging production of all! In fact, we had a location confirmed in a Cuban chiringuito in Marbella, and once on set, the sky turned black, there was a huge thunderstorm coming our way, so we raced against the clouds towards Malaga, and had to improvise this shoot with only an hour and a half! One of the most memorable Sisko Akt shoots, storm included!