Valhalla at La Sala

La Sala is known for its all-round dining experience and in true La Sala style their extensive menu caters for an array of cuisines. With the introduction of the Scandinavian Corner, the popular eatery boasts a delightfully fresh and light array of Nordic inspired dishes for the natives and simply for those who share our love of Scandinavian cuisine. 

Dishes found across Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Finland are created with a variety of ingredients from the land and sea. It is often said… to cook the Scandinavian way is to re-create the past, well this delicious array of specialist delights transports us back to a Scandinavian heaven starting with Rare Roast Beef served with Potatoes, Pickled Dill & Cucumber Salad, Crispy Onions, Remoulade, Shredded Horseradish & Fresh Rye Bread. As described this succulent and flavoursome meat is the shining star and ours was cooked to perfection. If you’re like me and squirm when someone orders a well-done steak, then we are sure you will love this rare treat as much as we did. The pickled dill and cucumber salad is the ideal accompaniment and the crispy onions add the perfect crunch to every mouthful. 

Throughout history Scandinavians have lived off the land, sea and lakes so a large portion of their fare does come from the sea, in particular cured fresh-water salmon is local favourite. A Scandinavian menu wouldn’t be complete without a Salmon Gravlax and La Sala doesn’t disappoint. Served with homemade mustard & dill sauce and fresh rye bread, this traditional dish is light yet fragrant and an ideal lunch selection. If you prefer your salmon cooked why not try the Grilled Marinated Salmon served with Swedish Dill Potatoes and Fresh Salad Leaves. This classic dish offers an introduction to Scandinavian cuisine if you are a first timer. The heavenly salmon was marinated to perfection and would be my top choice if I was dining for dinner. 

Open sandwiches, known locally as smorrebrod are particularly popular in Denmark. Made with rye bread, these delightful creations are classically topped with various meats, egg and a spicy sauce. La Sala’s Open Shrimp Sandwich with Fresh Shrimp and Egg on a bed of Salad Leaves topped with Mayonnaise, Caviar & Lemon is as delicious as it sounds. The fresh shrimp melts in your mouth and marries harmoniously with the crisp salad, caviar and lemon.  

The last two plates arrived at our table and as my jeans began bursting open I closed my eyes hoping the arrivals wouldn’t be my cup of tea. But of course that wasn’t the case and somehow I managed to devour the Skagen Toast with Shrimp, Avocado Salad, Red Onion, Crème Fraiche, Dill and Salmon Roe...every last mouthful! Avocado is one of my all-time favourite foods and match that with Shrimp and anyone else is lucky to get a taste! To conclude our fabulous Scandinavian gastronomic journey was Marinated Herrings with Red Onions, Crème Fraiche, Curry Dressing and Fresh Rye Bread. The dressing in particular deserves its own mention and I was sure to mop up any last drops with the fresh bread. Herrings, I believe, is much like marmite; you either love them or hate them.. let’s just say no one at our table was the latter!