Gold Medal for Bronzzzano


We were looking out over clear skies and blue ocean, watching windsurfers do impressive stunts. Morrocco’s profile was just visible in the far distance. Beach and sun club Bronzzzano is a place full of surprises, a go-to location for events, weddings and chill-out days where you lie by the pool and enjoy wonderful food combined with music that helps you escape the busy Marbella lifestyle.

It’s time for a little history lesson: owner Andrés had the idea for the name "Bronzzzano" in a dream. The exclusive beach club, located on the waterfront, opened its doors in 2017 with a stunning opening party.

The restaurant provides very comfortable indoor and outdoor seating and Balinese beds next to the large saltwater swimming pool; it also has an upper terrace where the VIP restaurant gives its guests a terrific view of the Mediterranean sea.

When we arrived at the sumptuous entrance, we were treated to a very warm welcome. Sitting outside in the middle of summer at first sounded like a bad idea, but the canopy adds atmosphere and a light wind made the high temperature pleasant rather than just bearable.

You can imagine that decision-making was not the easiest here, when we opened the 10-page menu (their hashtag #bronzzzanofood, which appears on the first page, gives you a sense of their level of engagement). The food table features everything from sushi to salads, poultry, fish, shellfish and a great variety of meat dishes – Bronzzzano is reputed to have the best Argentinian meat in town. They also have a good range of gluten-free desserts..We chose wisely, sensing that we were about to experience some true food passion here.