Good Taste Good Health

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January 2018. Christmas is over, you have eaten about two tons of turkey, roasties and bread sauce and far too much plum pudding – so what should you do? Well, it’s no surprise, in this season of New Year’s Resolutions and good intentions, that gym membership goes off the scale.
However, if competing for the best pieces of kit in a roomful of people
in far better physical shape than you doesn’t appeal then there is a healthy alternative - just drop into Manuka.

There are two branches of this friendly, buzzing shrine to good health: one in the perennially popular Centro Comercial La Cañada and the other on Marbella’s Paseo Maritimo, which is where we went recently to find out what good, healthy food really looks like.
The first thing you should bear in mind is not to worry – Manuka has no interest in putting its customers through some kind of culinary boot-camp. You can be as radically healthy as you like; if you decide to drop in for breakfast there are firm favourites like Eggs Benedict on the menu, but if you want to start the day with a bang then you could also opt for the Protein Porridge with Oats and Quinoa and a choice of Peanut Butter, Coconut Cream, Seeds, Banana and Seasonal Fruit.

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We arrived for lunch and, despite our seasonal over indulgence, were feeling very hungry. Despite it being a few minutes short of the traditional lunch hour of two o’clock the restaurant was filling up already, but we found a table outside and immediately thought what a great place this would be to visit in the summer.

The first thing that we ordered were a couple of pressed Juices, which alone should be enough to tempt the health conscious to try what the Manuka team has to offer. We ordered a Hydrator (Mango, Cucumber, Coconut Water and Mint) and an Hawaiian Blue (Pineapple and Avocado with a beautiful deep turquoise colour thanks to the blue spirulina Algae and tastes like Piña Colada!) and can recommend them both. The flavours were deliciously intense and hit the spot instantly.

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Text by KJ Elsdon