If being part of Marbella’s elite isn’t enough, now you can make it official. Kitch is Marbella’s first private members club with a mission to redefine the concept of social and dining experiences. However, unlike the tedious and traditionally expensive process of joining a members club, Kitch is accessible to everyone. Simply sign up at the reception to receive your personal membership card and begin reaping the benefits of being part of the Kitch club. Such benefits include, access to the exquisite venue for you and four guests plus invitations to all their events.

As a members club should be, the magic of Kitch is only revealed once you head through the grand doors. Here you will find a majestic terrace complete with soothing water features and a nightclub adorned with velvet décor, grand chandeliers and gold accents. But what you don’t know is that Kitch’s hidden gem lies in the kitchen. We’ve tried and tested a lot of restaurants on the coast, but no venue has had the luxury of turning our publisher into a risotto lover, that is until now. And it wasn’t just the risotto he was tempted to try, the tuna also but a smile on his face! But I am getting ahead of myself. We started with a delicate amuse-bouche of monkfish with tartare sauce; light, fragrant and the perfect glimpse of what was to come.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.45.23 AM.png

While the food takes the crown at this impressive venue, a special mention has to be given to the team; their attention to detail is second-to-none and the friendly yet professional waiters only enhanced the overall experience. Vegetable spring rolls served with a tomato & turnip chutney and red tuna tartare with avocado puree and wakame were our starters of choice. The latter, the very dish that turned our boss, who has never been tempted by tuna, into a fan. Imagine all the exquisite Japanese eateries we have frequented on the coast yet Kitch’s tartare manages to entice him!

As we savoured out divine starters, I took a moment to ogle the impressive drinks menu boasting over thirty different whiskeys as well as beautiful and mature Spanish wines and a large gin selection.

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Risotto with shimeji, shitake mushrooms and green asparagus followed along with, in my opinion, the shining star; caramelized duck glazed with honey & ginger, served with glass noodles and mangetout. If duck appears on a menu, you can normally guarantee it will be my dish of choice, and this did not disappoint.

To conclude a rich, golden Sacher was perfectly complemented by tangy raspberry sorbet. Full and satisfied we decided to make our way to the terrace for a post-dinner cocktail and to sample one of the twenty custom shisha flavours on offer. If you are partial to a cheeky cigar then you’re in the right place; from La Gloria Cubana to Romeo y Julieta, here you will find some of the finest cigars in the world, well… they do say you’re only as good as the cigar you smoke.

You might expect this standard of cuisine to boast preposterous prices but you will be pleasantly surprised, as the prices fall lower than local competitors! So what are you waiting for, head to Kitch, sign up for your membership and get ready to experience fine dining with top quality produce and excellent service at very reasonable prices.

Go on… join the club.

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