BY NOK – leading the way to perfection


By NOK is a leader in design, architecture and construction and by way of proof of this claim, it is involved in over 90 projects on the Costa del Sol, in Madrid and in eastern Spain that are equivalent to an investment of €200 million by its clients. All of By Nok’s clients have one thing in common; the trust that they place in the services the company offers and their satisfaction with the work provided.

One of the reasons By NOK has so many happy clients is that it offers over 30 years of experience and has completed over 5,000 projects to date. It also provides guarantees for its work that ranges from the initial stage of research and location of plots, to architecture and interior design, to construction and development, and an in-house seal of quality accompanies every project. The firm coordinates all phases, from the concept to the project delivery, and has a well constructed process to ensure that all the elements that go into creating a home complement one another. In addition, By NOK promises:

  • Fixed prices on all projects
  • Fastest development times
  • Excellent after sales service
  • Best offer with guarantees

But what are the other secrets of its success over three decades? By NOK, say there really isn’t any secret at all: it is the combination of its experienced construction team with a capacity in numbers (it has 75+ architects and builders to call on) which allows the company to detect potential technical problems or errors in the project and rectify them before beginning the work, as well as an ability to evaluate in detail the costs and the time of execution required, which guarantees the completion of the project according to the price, quality and timeline agreed. You can leave your project in By NOK’s hands and it will give you a guaranteed price, timeline and quality finishings.

The architectural team

Architecture is at the heart of what BY NOK offers. Its designers envision the future and the architectural team will be closely involved with any project from the beginning. They will oversee the entire range of plans required, from early drafts to master plans, and then from the agreed design to the completion of the project. It offers free architectural advice to all its clients and when you use BY NOK, you will have access to a team of 75+ technicians, including architects, designers, draughtsmen and graphic designers. Its approach to projects is always unique and individual – there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions at BY NOK. Furthermore, its team is always seeking innovations in design and quality products that will add that extra flair to a project and when this is combined with a fully integrated service, clients can have confidence that every aspect has been taken care of with the utmost professionalism.

Trusted by private investors

BY NOK prides itself on being the premier business for private property investors on the Costa del Sol. For example, there are a number of investment funds who entrust their Money to BY NOK, as well as private individuals andi t has a team of specialist advisors for these projects. It selects and analyses the best investment opportunities for these clients and ensures that each one has maximum guarantees of security and profitability. As BY NOK points out, it is both structured and flexible, and this allows it to add value to its clients’ investments in Spain. To sum up, these services provide investors with:

  • Personal meeting with an investor
  • Analysis of investment opportunities
  • Presentation of the personalised proposal to the investor
  • Full management of the investment process
  • Investment returns and profits

Since August 2017, BY NOK has been working in partnership with AENA, which manages Málaga’s International Airport. The plan includes strategic use of advertising space at the airport to promote BY NOK’s services to investors arriving on the Costa del Sol. They have also recently added two new architects to its Marbella office, as they are expanding at speed and required extra hands in the architectural design department and its growing number of real estate and other business partners indicates the solidity of By NOK and the confidence it has accrued in the sector.

BY NOK’s recent luxury villa projects in Guadalmina and Bel-Air, such as the Villa Danube, as well as in many other areas of the coast, are a clear indication that this is firm that many, many people hold in high regard – BY NOK is what you’re looking for to get your project completed to the highest standards and in the agreed time. You won’t find better in Marbella.

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