Endless Amour

endless-amour1The French Connection

David and I are high school sweethearts. When I was 14 my family and I moved to Sotogrande from France. I met David in Sotogrande and we started dating when I was 16. David is from Gibraltar and I am French. We both attended university in different countries and used to meet every summer. We lived together in London for a few years before David proposed in 2009 in Gstaad, Switzerland while on a skiing holiday with friends. This was a very romantic but unusual proposal on a ski-lift with beautiful views of the Swiss Alps. Three years on, David and I are now the proud parents of a one year-old boy called Matthew.

You are my Rock

you-are-my-rock-1Childhood Sweethearts

Daniel was my first boyfriend at the young age of 15. We were together for about two years then decided it was best to go our separate ways; we were very young and neither of us was ready to take things to the next stage. Daniel moved to the UK to find work and we both went on with our lives without any contact for 20 years. I started work in Gibraltar and life went on; however I always felt that it was not the end between Daniel and me. Twenty years later, I was still living on The Rock, when I received news that Daniel had returned to Gibraltar. I instantly felt butterflies in my stomach and couldn’t wait to see him. After about a week we bumped into each other and...let’s just say the rest is history as we are now happily married with a six-month-old son, Oliver. I couldn’t be happier!

An Infinite Love

an-infinite-love-1Vicki and Keiran brought a hint of Scottish style to their Spanish wedding celebration.

Eyes Wide Shut

Kieran and I met on a blind date. One of Kieran’s colleagues, who was a client of mine at the time, set the whole thing up. After a happy five years together, Kieran took me completely by surprise and proposed to me on a gondola in Venice. The hopelessly romantic setting of Venice was the perfect place for Kieran to ask that all-important question and I, of course, said yes!

From Scotland to Spain

Kieran’s sister inspired us to get married in Marbella after she chose it as her wedding destination eight years earlier. Weather was also a huge factor for us - Scotland doesn’t often offer cloudless skies whereas the Coast boasts all-year round sunshine. We visited Marbella a few times before the wedding and

Love always wins

love-always-wins-2For Sophie and Bart, the decision to marry in Sotogrande was an easy one and they were even able to arrange their wedding to suit the bride’s carefree, bohemian style!

Love At First Sight

We met four years ago in Dubai when I joined the company that Bart was working at. After a lot of sneaky glances at each other and a few dates it was clear to both of us that we were serious about each other. One day early on we stayed in bed all day watching DVDs and I actually called my best friend that night and said I’ve met the man I’m going to marry - and four years later we did!

Childhood Memories

We chose Spain because my parents have had a place in Sotogrande for years. It’s such a magical place; every summer I would spend July and August there as a child and it’s where so many happy memories have been made. When it came to choosing a venue and location we knew right away that Cancha II was the place we wanted to tie the knot. We were look-ing for a more relaxed feel to the 

Top 10 Tips For Planning a Memorable Wedding

top-10-tips-for-planning1We talk to Nigel Davis, head of Chez Vous bespoke events based on the Costa del Sol, about his top tips for a wedding that you and your guests will never forget!

You don’t need to buy expensive things to make a statement. Sometimes simple things from the countryside speak more than complicated and costly bling!

LIGHTING is key to a good-looking wedding. Focus lighting only onto the areas where you need light. The football stadium effect will not enhance an elegant setting. Think spotlights on table centres and bars, ambient lighting/fairy lights in the surrounding trees; this is a sure fire way to create a wonderland!

Writing your Vows: A Complete Guide to Saying Your Vows With Style

Writing-your-vows-2Humanist Wedding Celebrant and CONFETI contributor Natasha Johnson guides us through writing personalised vows to inject intimacy into the big day.

There is simply nothing more beautiful than hearing couples open their hearts and telling one another how they feel, how they are made to feel and how they pledge to spend their future together. I’ve been marrying couples for seven years now and I love the fact that I still well up when I hear personal vows. I would not have it any other way. More and more couples are now deciding that along with any legal or traditional vows that they will have to say or respond to, they would also like the opportunity to inject a more intimate touch into their ceremony, with their own personal vows. There is something so romantic and so special knowing that you will say vows to your loved one that no-one else has ever said before. Vows which are truly unique to you and your partner, that reflect your partnership.

The World’s First Super-yacht Hotel

luxirious-romance-2The Sunborn exclusive yacht hotel in Gibraltar is the last word in luxury for couples in search of an unforgettable celebration in a truly unique location.

Gibraltar is a prime location for weddings, not only due to its warm climate and beautiful scenery, but also because it constitutes the only location in southern Spain where couples can legally tie the knot. As such, just about all hotels on The Rock have fabulous wedding packages for newlyweds-to-be. The latest addition to this group is The Sunborn, a yacht hotel providing around

Iscoyd Park Collection


The ‘Iscoyd Park’ collection is affectionately named after the Shropshire wedding venue where award winning British bridal designer Charlotte Balbier and her partner Edward Bedford celebrated their marriage last year. ‘The Iscoyd Park’ collection comprises more than 20 gorgeous gowns in an array of styles to suit the modern day bride, her wedding and personality. The new collection includes two of Balbier’s actual wedding gowns, worn by Charlotte on her wedding day, named ‘The Charlotte’ and ‘Iscoyd Park.’

The new collection sees fashion-forward gowns for the new generation bride sitting alongside Charlotte’s signature style and look, soft French lace and utterly feminine in charm and grace. Charlotte Balbier’s gowns are inherently traditional but with that added extra twist of fashion for a modern gown, bride and wedding day. The collection presents classical elegance and timeless gowns in an array of styles, silhouettes, fabrics and a soft gold, pink and ivory colour palette. The 2014 ‘A Decade of Style’ collection won the Wedding Ideas Designer Of 

IF MUSIC be the Food of Love...

If-music-be-the-food-of-loveDuke Orsino in “Twelfth Night” might well have regarded music as being a prime factor in the nurturing of love, but Shah Jehan, as he sat mournfully gazing across the water at the Taj Mahal tomb of his beloved Mumtaz, placed his faith in more prosaic remedies, and fed his fading libido with all manner of potions and remedies. In fact, he nearly drove himself crazy with strange aphrodisiacs, much to the despair of his courtiers.But throughout history both men and women have placed their faith in various foods and chemicals in order to restore vitality. Even today Italian scientists recommend a glass of red wine a day in order to maintain a healthy sexual drive, and there are, of course, many other remedies to which people have turned over the ages. Sometimes there is indeed a basis for such faith. Pomegranate juice has been proved to raise testosterone levels by up to 30 per cent,

Classic Beauty

Classic-BeautyThe Great Gatsby may have been last year’s box office hit, but this movie’s influence on the world of weddings doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you want to add a touch of vintage to your big day, what better era than the glittering and glamorous Roaring 20s? Confeti have put together their top tips to show you how to channel Gatsby glamour in your wedding make-up.

The Roaring 20s were all about an uber-creamy complexion, so resist the urge to apply bronzer or foundation darker than your natural skin tone. To ensure you’re the fairest of them all, apply Estèe Lauder’s Double Wear Makeup, a 15-hour, flawless foundation that stays looking fresh and natural through heat, humidity and non-stop activity.

Rime Arodaky


Combining rock chic with Parisian flair, Rime Arodaky’s dresses bring a whole new dimension to the concept of aisle style. With staggered creations inspired by legendary couples such as Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg, her dresses are carved for the individual who wears them, not the trends they follow. CONFETI sat down with Rime to talk about her inspiration, collections and individualist style.

How did you become involved in fashion design?

From the moment I saw my mother and sister playing with fashion and clothes. They gave me the taste of dressing up and to style. Drawing was a passion too from the age of five.

CONFETI loves...

confeti-loves-1Bonkers about Buttons

For an alternative option to the more conventional floral bridal bouquet, why not order one of these bespoke bouquets made from buttons, brooches and jewellery? The bouquets have been exhibited at the National Wedding Show in London and are proving popular for brides who do not shy away from new wedding trends. The jewel-encrusted items glitter in the sunlight and add an extra special something to your overall look.

A Classic Country Wedding

For a rustic romance incorporate fun wedding signs like this one from Dotcomgiftshop. Many brides want their wedding day to feel like a relaxed summer garden party with close family and friends; informal decorations such as this sign as well as bunting, fairy lights and sprawling flowers help to achieve this vision.

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